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Hello. My name is Victor. I am owner/operator of RestoreYourMercedes.com. On this page I would like to share my life story.

I was born in family of electronic engineer and school teacher. As a kid I was messing with all my toys. Every model car was fully disassembled and put back together. Most fun I had with wired remote controlled truck my father bought me. Growing up I spent lots of time at my father little workshop. He used to fix and build all kinds of electronics and taught me electronics basics. In high school I used to fix my classmates electronics: cassette boom boxes, gaming consoles, small TV sets, and some household appliances. I built a stereo system for my bicycle consisting of two channel home-made stereo amp, two speakers on steering wheel, dynamo at rear wheel to power the setup, AC to DC converter, and cassette player at steering mounted tool box. Later, I had added a small motorcycle battery. It sounds primitive these days but back in early 90’s it was super cool.

In 1995 my family and I moved from Russia to USA. After taking some English classes I went to work as an auto mechanic helper. I used to handle all electronic repairs. Lead mechanic was old school gear head and had limited electronics knowledge. He could rebuild any engine blindfolded and I learned a lot about mechanical and engine work from him. I did not work at the shop for long but it was great experience.

When I got my driver’s license at 16 I started saving money for my first car. At 17 I bought my first 1986 Ford Econoline E250 cargo van. My father and I needed a truck as we just started our first small family business- demolition and construction company. Truck was in decent shape and I only added CD player in-dash, tweeters in A-pillars, bookshelf speakers under seats. Business grew and we bought second van 88 Ford Econoline E350. For family car my father had 1992 Odlsmobile Silhouette minivan. In that car I did complete sound system with subwoofers and component speakers, Playstation2, portable VCR player along with mood lights throughout the car. Girls loved it :)

Coming from electronics background my father became interested in satellite TV. We switched our business to satellite TV installations along with low voltage wiring and sound systems setups. Back then there were rear projection TVs and Laser disk players. We sub-contracted for a local installation company and had a salesman who would bring our own customers. On weekends, I used to mess around with our car and my friends cars, installing radios, sound systems and other car toys. As flat panel plasma and LCD TVs became more affordable and sound systems became more advanced we switched our business toward flat panel TV and custom home theater installations. Here is our TV installation website: www.InstallYourPlasma.com

In between my busy life I managed to purchase my first Mercedes. It was 1988 420SEL gray on palomino interior. It was in decent shape and I didn’t pay much for it. Many repairs had to be performed to keep the car on the road. I absolutely loved the car. Unfortunately there was a crack in rear frame due to an accident years ago. After two years I had the car crack developed to a point where it needed attention and I already spotted another Mercedes. I found 1990 300E white with beige leather in local advertisement. Car was sitting at the repair shop parking lot in non-running state. Owner did not want to put money into it and wanted quick sale. I bought it for $700. Body and interior were in perfect shape except for cracked front bumper cover and dirty interior. I have repair details covered in CARS section.

I love 300E w124 but my dream car always was W140 big body S-class. Around 2005 I finally found one for $1000 in non-driving state of course :) It was 1992 500SEL. This was the car that started my Mercedes repair business. Since then I bought and restored many different Mercedes Benzes, some I kept and some I sold. Most of my cars were project cars, many did not run, some ran but did not drive. After seeing my own cars people started asking me to work on their cars. I took customers cars in and worked on them in the back of the house. In 2011 RestoreYourMercedes.com was born and I shifted from TV and Home Theater installations to full time Mercedes restorations and repairs.

Business grew, more customers started coming. My friend had 5-bay repair shop in Brooklyn, NY and we decided to work together. I had separate bay with lift and had access to other lifts on the property. We worked great together for over 5 years until I moved to Bronx, NY. After many years living in Brooklyn, NY, 1 block away from the shop, I moved to City Island, Bronx, NY. I commuted to Brooklyn, NY shop but in 2017 I decided to close it down and work from home. As of 2017 I work on customers cars by my home in City Island, Bronx, NY. Working by home make me more productive. I have lots more room and electronics repair workshop setup at home by my side.

As my Mercedes Benzes restoration journey continues I will document it in CARS section. There you will find my project cars and their repair and restoration details. Below you will find some pictures of myself, my cars, and workshops. In VIDEOS section you can find YouTube videos of various projects and work in progress videos I make for my customers.

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope you enjoyed it and look forward to working on your Mercedes!

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