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Early Mercedes radios all had cassette players. In our modern smartphone age cassettes are quite useless. Newer Mercedes have integrated Bluetooth in sound systems. On this page I discuss Bluetooth integration into older models, keeping original radio. In my cars goal was to have music streaming from phone via Bluetooth wireless along with hands-free phone calls.

Factory Mercedes sound systems sound very nice, but lack any additional connections. Most people connect their phones to radios with cassette tape to 3.5mm wired adapters or FM modulators. I too used to connect my phone to radio with cassette tape to 3.5mm adapter. I never like that option for two reasons. First is sound quality was poor. Second is buzzing noise when the phone is connected into cigarette lighter outlet to charge. After looking into available options for my 2000 S430 W220 model I did not find any that will suit my needs. I decided to open radio and hard wire aftermarket Bluetooth adapter into the cassette tape circuit. After trying few available adapters I found one that worked very nice, I was very happy with the results. I installed the same adapter into all the cars I had. In one of my W140s I installed whole adapter with microphone inside the radio for a total factory look. To answer phone calls I connected WB button. That required more work though. And in one car I installed different Bluetooth adapter that only allowed to stream audio, but not to make hands free phone calls. Same adapter can be installed into all Mercedes radios with cassette tape player. Radio needs to be disassembled and adapter needs slight modification. The it is to be soldered directly into the board inside the radio. Radio will not play cassettes anymore, but the adapter can be uninstalled to return the radio to original state if needed.

Here is a video I made right after installing adapter that works best into my 2000 S430. There is a need to have the endless dummy cassette to be inside the radio.

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